What Do You Do Over Winter Break?

Hayden Rogers

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Over winter break most people like to get their rest back in control. But others are either on the road or just spending time with family in general, or maybe just hanging out with friends. Evyn Joslyn stated, “Over winter break I usually just sleep and eat food.” The answer to that question justifies what most people do over the very long break that we have.

When it all comes down to whether or not it’s going to snow, people get ecstatic. Because when it snows during winter it brings the whole winter experience together unless you’re Brison Gooding. He stated, “I don’t like when it snows because I prefer when it’s warm outside.” 

A lot of people really like winter break because they get to go to other places or go to see family that they haven’t seen in awhile. Ethan Bundy said, “Yes, I do love winter break because I get to go see my Mom who I don’t get to see a lot.”

Over break most people have plans to do stuff with other people like Meredith Herrell stated, “I have plans to hang out with friends hoping it will snow and snuggling up in the warmth of my house.” And once again we have to talk about the snow because a lot of people had opinions on it Abbegale Cordray  mentioned, “I love when it snows because I go sledding and the snow is very pretty.” John Michael stated, “Me, Brenden Buckler and Nick Smith, are going to play football in the snow.”

Overall a lot if people think that most people like winter break because it gives them a chance to relax and take time off school. Relaxing and not having so much stress from all of the test and homework is pretty nice. So we all hope everyone has a great winter break.

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What Do You Do Over Winter Break?